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Talent and Recruitment 

People are your biggest business asset, professional HR Support helps you identify, cultivate and attract dynamic professionals so you can grow a business-leading team.

I want to keep good people

Our professional and dynamic HR consultants provide dedicated HR support and insight to help optimise your recruitment strategy so you can attract and keep the best talent in your field.

+ Engagement

You have done a good job at getting some great people to come and work for you, but how do you stop them from jumping ship?

We are experienced in gauging how engaged your teams are so that we can create strategies on how to improve and make sure your good people stay put.

Our consultants have worked with businesses on improving engagement through surveys such as the Times 100 Best Companies and Campaign Magazine’s Best Companies to Work For, devising specific plans to suit specific businesses and sectors to increase employee happiness and engagement.

+ Company structure

People like to know where they fit within an organisation so they know who reports to them and who they can go to when they need help.  Our HR consultants help you to understand which roles you need in your business and ensure that the right people are in these roles.

+ Workforce planning

You may have the right people working for you now, but what about in the future?

We help you identify how your workforce will support your future plans and strategy.  By analysing information and using it to inform future demand for people and skills, you can detect what you need to do now to prepare for where you want to be. If your employees know what the future business plans are, they will have an opportunity to develop themselves with the company.

+ Career progression

Supported by the structure of the company and workforce planning, career progression is an important tool to ensure that you hold on to the good people that you have.

Employees want and need opportunities to develop and grow and by demonstrating that there is a clear path available to them can keep your strongest employees in the business. Our team will help you to develop these plans and guide you and your managers through the process.

+ Total reward

Money talks, but it’s not the only consideration for employees.  Having a good salary definitely helps to attract an employee, but people are looking for more.  Do you offer healthcare, gym membership, a car allowance or a bonus?

We will can work with you to develop the right reward package for your employees.

+ Job evaluation

Making sure that you are paying fairly for the roles your employees are doing, will go towards holding on to the good people you have.  By putting a job evaluation in place, you are taking away any uncertainty, promoting transparency and can use the process to ensure all new roles are paid at the right level.

At PSHR we run bespoke job evaluation projects from start to finish, always ensuring that they are tailor-made for your business.

+ Values and culture

Your employees will want to work for you if they buy into your values and culture, so it is important to be able to demonstrate exactly what they are. We will work with you to translate your company culture into everyday practice.

Tell us your challenges and we’ll build a strategy that works to optimise your business and bring immediate results. Speak to an HR consultant today on 01473 653030

I want to attract good people

+ Recruitment

At PSHR we  help you to identify what ‘good’ looks like so that your recruitment campaigns are set up to attract the candidates that you need.  

By having a simple recruitment policy in place, your teams will know the process to follow. We develop competency-based questions and train your managers to carry out effective and worthwhile interviews, so you get what you want from candidates and showcase how good your business is at the same time. 

+ Company culture

Making sure that everyone in your business understands your culture, what it means to them and how they demonstrate it in their working day can be challenging.  

Our team of HR consultants help you to communicate your vision and values and embed them into everything that you do.  Once your culture is established, your employees will talk about it and promote the business, attracting the type of people you want to employ.


There are many personality profiling assessments available, but we use DISC, and our Directors are accredited practitioners. 

DISC profiling helps to understand individual’s motivations and communication styles which in turn raises self-awareness, improves teamwork and enables more effective management.  DISC can be used as part of the recruitment process, or to gain a greater understanding of your existing employees, so that bespoke training programmes can be implemented.   

+ Becoming an employer of choice

Being an employer of choice, helps you attract the very best of candidates.  

By using your employer ‘brand’ (vision, values, culture, total reward) you will be able to compete effectively in the labour market and drive employee loyalty. This can be done by developing positive experiences for employees which in turn means they become advocates for your business.  

We work with you to make sure that your people management processes align and move you towards being the first on the list of companies to work for.

+ Staff benefits

With so many staff benefits available today – healthcare, pension, a company car, flexibility, sabbaticals to name a few! – how do you know which options are right for your business?  

We help you get to the bottom of what works for your employees to ensure you the good people you need.

+ Flexible working

How much flexibility do you offer to your employees?  Is it enough or is it too much for your business to deal with?  Our advisors are experienced in helping you manage and implement the right option for your business needs and your teams

Talk to an HR Consultant today to discuss your business challenges. We’ll curate strategies that work to improve your success and increase staff productivity and satisfaction