Organisation and Structure

Organisation and structure is fundamental to business success. Our tailored HR consultancy services can help to maximise your business potential, focusing on what you need and how to get there.

I want an effective leadership team

Everything it seems, from the collapse of society to business success can be put down to good and bad leadership. Leadership is about where you want to get to; knowing what it will take to get there; and, who you want to follow you.  Whether you’re running a large global business or a small project team, it’s the way you communicate and connect to other people that can make or break your success.

To help you create an effective leadership team, we can support you with the following HR support:

+ Strategic HR advice

We work alongside your leadership team to fully understand your business needs, goals and priorities.

We will develop a strategy that aligns with your long-term plans and ensures the business has the organisational capability to make these plans possible.

Every business, whether driven by products or services, needs good people that are healthy and happy to deliver results.

+ Accountabilities and responsibilities

Your staff need to know what is expected of them at work.  They need to really understand what their job is and what “excellent” looks like.

On many occasions we are asked to deal with employees who are not performing to the standard required and in many cases the employee was not aware of what was expected from them.

We can help you develop clear and simple job descriptions detailing what your employees are responsible for and a process for fairly managing performers who are not working at their best.

+ Management Coaching

We work with new and developing managers and leaders to unlock their potential and to maximise their performance.

I want high productivity

+ Appraisals

We help you develop appraisals systems that are bespoke to your business.  

We focus on the company priorities and meaningful goals whilst training line managers to deliver the appraisals fairly and consistently. 

+ Job Descriptions

We can help you develop clear and simple job descriptions clearly detailing what your employees are responsible for and a process for fairly managing performers who are not working at their best.

+ Communication

Communicating with your staff is so important.  We train you in techniques on how to communicate with your staff so that you can successfully discuss potential issues in an approachable and effective manner. 

We run communication workshops and our Directors are trained and experienced in DISC profiling and behaviour styles.

+ Planning

We equip staff and managers with techniques for planning, prioritising and organising their work. Our training can be supported by running team workshops or one to one coaching. 

+ Bonuses and incentives

Productivity can be boosted by fair and clear bonus or incentive schemes. Our team can you help you devise suitable schemes tailored to your business. 

I want help with my staffing issues

+ Managing poor performance

There is no doubt that managing an employee’s performance can be one of the most challenging parts of a manager’s role and in many cases managers wait too long to raise concerns with an employee or put off a difficult conversation. 

We provide coaching for managers to tackle difficult discussions and implement a clear and simple process for managing and improving poor performance.  

+ Managing poor conduct

Managing disruptive or difficult behaviour can be challenging. Our training provides support for managers to tackle unacceptable behaviour including investigating the cause of the behaviour, providing specific feedback and setting expectations and standards for the future.  

Help to avoid disciplinary issues arising in your business by having in place clear rules setting out the standards expected from your employees as well as the consequences of unacceptable conduct.  

We draft and support disciplinary procedures. Having a fair disciplinary procedure is essential for dealing effectively with any misconduct, while minimising the risk of successful tribunal claims. 

+ Handling employee complaints and grievances

Even in the happiest workplaces, from time-to-time employees may have concerns about their work, working environment or colleagues.  Grievances raised by employees can help to uncover unacceptable, and perhaps unlawful, practices that could damage your business.  It is in your interest to enable your staff to raise legitimate grievances without fear of repercussions. 

Our team of senior advisors work with you to implement a procedure through which employees can raise concerns, problems and complaints about a variety of workplace matters to enable your business to deal with these promptly and fairly.

+ Facilitated discussions/mediation

Mediation is one of the most effective and successful means of resolving a workplace conflict and is particularly effective when there is a need or wish to maintain relationships.  It is the process for resolving disputes through dialogue.  

We offer experienced guidance and advice for facilitating conversations between parties that are in dispute to help them reach a satisfactory outcome. 

I want the right people in the right job

+ Restructures

Whether a restructure is required to save money, or to streamline your workforce, our team has the skills to help you through these tricky situations.  

Your business may have grown organically, and now you need to devise a structure which will support its future development.  We can help you to identify and plan what you need (and don’t need) now as well as what you will need in the future.

+ Redundancies

As with the economy, businesses can expand and contract.  When you need to reduce your headcount our team of senior HR advisors will help you put a redundancy plan in place and support you with helping to develop a business case, documentation and timelines. We can also attend redundancy meetings.  

We understand that redundancy situations are stressful for both business leaders and the employees involved, but by making sure that the correct processes are followed in a fair and reasonable way helps to mitigate potential issues.

+ Recruitment

When you know what ‘right’ looks like, you will have much more success in getting the right candidates to apply. 

We can work with you to review structure, job roles and employee behaviours to give you the best chance at attracting the people for the right job. 

+ Assessment centres

If you want to make sure that you have tested potential candidates for suitability, PSHR can run assessment centres on your behalf.  This is for when an interview on its own just won’t do.  We can devise activities which will draw out the skills required from potential candidates so that you can be satisfied they are the right people for the job.  If you need a leader, we can make sure that the candidates can demonstrate leadership skills by designing an activity specifically for this.  

+ Job descriptions and accountabilities

The best way to understand whether you have the right person in the right seat is to identify exactly what is expected of them. This can be done by producing effective job descriptions which don’t only contain daily tasks and duties, but also skills and behaviours required. Aligning job descriptions with your visions and values is a great way of holding employees accountable. If you need to have a difficult conversation about performance with an employee, having a good job description to refer to takes the opinion out of the conversation and instead allows you to rely on facts.  Employees benefit from understanding what is expected from them and will be more productive as a result.

+ Performance management

Sometimes it turns out that you don’t have the right person in the right job. Having a performance management process in place can be helpful to address performance-related issues. 

Our senior HR consultants will work with you to develop the policies and procedures which support these practices as well as performance improvement and training plans.  We can upskill your line managers so that they have the confidence to performance manage their teams. We can also provide support throughout informal and formal performance management processes.