What Partial Lockdown Means for Business

We were all glued to Boris Johnson’s 8.30 pm announcement yesterday whereby he advised the nation that we were to abide by a ‘lockdown’ situation.

It was clear that there should be no social gatherings of more than two people (unless you are in the same household), that we are allowed out only once per day to exercise and shop for essentials as long as we maintain the social distancing measures. Police will have authority to enforce these rules.

We are not able to go and visit friends and the message was clear – stay at home.

However, there was not total clarity around who would be able to travel to and from work, as the PM said this was permitted but only where it is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home – a fairly ambiguous statement.

The government has since published Full guidance on staying at home and away from others although further confirmation from number 10 is that people can leave home to work as long as they observe the 2 metre distancing rule. Based on this information, it seems that anyone can go to work provided their work cannot be done from home.

If your business needs advice on how to go down to skeleton staff and you do not have the volume of work that supports a full team, please contact PSHR. We can advise on furloughed workers. We can support you with ensuring employment law is adhered to and will provide all necessary documents to keep you compliant.

All of this uncertainty will no doubt negatively impact on your employee’s mental health and wellbeing, and whilst measures are in place to provide some income, we need to remember to give them as much support as possible.

PSHR would like to do what we can to support you at this really challenging time.

If you would like to discuss this, please contact one of our consultants.


Take care!


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