Keep Calm and Furlough On

Lockdown take two…

Following on from the government update on 31 October 2020, a 4 week long lockdown will come in to place at 12.01 am on Thursday 5 November, but what does this mean for your business and employees?

  • Employees should work from home where possible (excluding industries like constuction and engineering)
  • The CJRS (furlough) is to be extended up until December 2020
  • You can furlough employees who have had an RTI before 30 October 2020, this can be on flexible basis or full furlough
  • Employers will be able to claim 80% of wages from the government up to a cap of £2500 per month and employers will pay employer NIC and pension contributions only for the hours the employee does not work
  • Further details including how to claim this extended support will be provided shortly
  • The Job Support Scheme (JSS) will be intriduced following the end of the CJRS

For more details, have a look at

In the meantime, Team PSHR are here to help – if you need additional furlough agreements or advise and guidance on how to navigate through this new lockdown, please get in touch.

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