Job Retention Scheme Guidance for Employers

The Office for National Statistics have published the following regarding furlough leave:

  • 1/5th UK employees furloughed
  • 45.8% working adults working from home
  • 28.5% workers seen a decrease in working hours 75% businesses still operating
  • Of those still operating 38% reported “substantially lower than normal” turnover

These figures may increase as the lockdown period and access to the Job Retention Scheme extends.

On Friday evening the government produced a step by step guide for employers that explains the information you need to provide in order to claim for your employees’ wages under the Job Retention Scheme.

The HMRC have told us that the portal will be operating from today, with the first payments being made on 30th April 2020.

So, check that you have everything you need to make a claim and remember, we are here to help if you have any questions or require updated documentation so that your claim can be made.

Get in touch on 01473 653000 or contact your consultant:

Take care and stay safe!



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