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Although we were hopeful, last night’s government update provided no further clarity around the Furloughed Workers Job Retention Scheme and there is still no mechanism for accessing this online with HMRC.  What we do know is that express agreement is required from your employees for this arrangement to take place, unless there is a clause in their contract of employment, which is unlikely.  Please contact us if you need support with drafting this documentation.

Last night’s announcement was to stay in to stop the spread of Covid-19 and to protect our NHS.  These are the only reasons to leave your home:

  • Exercise (once a day)
  • Shopping (as little as possible)
  • Medical reasons
  • To get to work where the work cannot be done from home

Employers should think carefully about how they can spread people around and must keep employees at least 2 metres apart; the previous advice still applies – WASH YOUR HANDS.

If people feel unsafe they should raise their concerns with their employer and here at PSHR we can help answer these and provide workable strategies.

By now some employees may have received a letter from their GP with advice on ‘shielding’, so please let us know if you require any advice or guidance on this in terms of pay.

As we continue to work from home, below is a link to an article regarding findings from the Chinese about what they learnt.  Definitely worth a look if working from home is the new normal in your business.

PSHR are here to help – so please do contact us on 01473 653000 or


Remember, stay in and stay safe!




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