Employer of Choice

Becoming an Employer of Choice

Becoming an employer of choice is an excellent way to attract and retain top candidates in a highly competitive employment world. Employees have more choice than ever before and an attractive benefits package and strong workplace culture are high on the list of criteria for many people seeking new employment opportunities.

What is an employer of choice?

An employer of choice offers a brilliant work culture and workplace environment that attracts and retains excellent employees. An employer of choice puts employee wellbeing, safety and happiness at the top of its priority list. An employer of choice is a company where candidates want to work and brings together all aspects of total reward, including strong and effective leadership, competitive pay and benefits, motivated and engaged employees and interesting and meaningful work. Easy right?!  

No. Identifying your company culture and having the tools to explain this to a prospective candidate can be really difficult. Defining your employer brand requires a long term planning and development strategy.

How can HR support help your business to be an employer of choice?

So, your business has worked on its pay, benefits, culture and onboarding process but how do you take it to the next level? At PSHR we work with businesses to help them identify their vision and culture which can then be embedded into working practices and processes to ensure that it translates throughout the business.

Recognise who your ideal employee is – what type of person are you trying to attract and retain? If you have successfully identified what you need, you should be growing your talent from within the business and promoting when opportunities arise. These happy employees will tell their friends and build your reputation.

 Understand who your competition is and why people want to work for them. What do they do differently? Join networks and online groups of similar businesses and ask what they do to attract employees. What does their benefits offer look like, and could your business implement or modify their strategies?

 Look at the workload offered to prospective candidates and assess whether this is interesting and challenging, as well as being manageable. Is there a variety of work and opportunities to learn from others within the company? Would a new employee have the chance to identify their own career path or training programme to support this? Having a clear company vision can help employees to understand where they fit in to the future plans of the company and the development options this presents.

Possibly most importantly is recognising when an employee has done something great and recognising it – this will help employees feel happy at work, which will keep them working for your business.

 Standing out from the competition doesn’t have to be expensive. Our consultants can offer HR support and advice to get your business on the way to becoming an employer of choice.  By working with your teams to identify how to attract and retain the very best employees and by implementing systems, processes and practices supported by training line managers to use them effectively, will achieve results.

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