Domestic Abuse – Support in the Workplace

Support in the workplace for those experiencing domestic abuse

Helplines set up to respond to issues of domestic abuse have reported significant increases in calls during the COVID-19 crisis and lockdowns.  As we face the potential for prolonged coronavirus restrictions, the HR professional body, CIPD and the Equality and Human Rights Commission have released new guidance to help employers both recognise, and support, staff who may be experiencing domestic abuse.

The guidance calls on employers to take a more active role in assisting staff who are in this situation, encouraging management not to simply leave this matter to external bodies such as the police.  The guidance sets out a four-step framework, from recognising the problem and offering support to referring employees to external bodies.

Recommendations put forward include having a clear policy that outlines the organisation’s commitment to helping staff in this situation and how they will go about doing so. Employers are also advised to create an open work culture that encourages individuals to come forward about domestic abuse and be prepared to be flexible once such an issue has been disclosed.

It is currently unknown when the coronavirus pandemic will end, and organisations are increasingly having to adapt to the challenges associated with it. As staff continue to work from home, it is vital that employers are willing to explore ways to support staff who may be experiencing domestic abuse.

In light of this guidance, PSHR can help you by providing guidance and a clear policy to support both employees and managers when dealing with this issue.

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