Are you a Lockdown Leader or Business Chameleon?

Karen Poulson, Team PSHR writes this week’s blog

I was having a little whinge with friends over a glass of wine and Zoom catch up last week, mainly about wanting to go on a shopping spree and feeling warm sand on my toes as I walked into blue sea with the sun blazing. Inevitably the conversation involved all things Covid, it just always does. We were all working together this time last year and it got us talking about THAT fateful night of no sleep, much planning and, to be honest, quite a lot of bad words.

As the anniversary of ‘Lockdown One’ looms, maybe just take the time to stop and wonder if you can even believe how much has happened in such a relatively short time at work. It’s amazing how we’ve all adapted to our new ways of working which will have changed, be it in either a small, big or, well, really massive way. Then take yourself back and wonder ‘HOW’ did it happen in your workplace? If the buck stops with you, it will have involved late nights, early mornings, much head in hands and quite possibly tears and tantrums… The list probably goes on (and gets worse, no doubt) but now is the time to shine, lockdown leaders!

Organisers of the SME National Business Awards have announced they are open for entries. The two new categories added last year – Lockdown Leader and Business Chameleon – received such a response they are being included again.

If I had asked you how tough your job as a leader was eighteen months ago, you would have talked about motivating your team, the bottom line, always being available and having to make difficult decisions. But, in the last year you will no doubt have had to dig even deeper to keep momentum going. You have had to find out about furlough (who knew what that even was?), arrange for IT and comms to work from people’s homes, think about risk assessments, keep up to date with government guidance, worry about if you will even have enough people in on any given day. The list goes on, and I have not even mentioned the hours spent online trying to bulk buy hand sanitiser. If you, or someone you know has shown exceptional skills, passion, and optimism throughout the last year, nominate them in the Lockdown Leader Award.

Some businesses have had to adapt to survive. You could possibly be offering new services or products or have completely changed your model to survive and thrive. If that is you or someone you know, nominate them in the Business Chameleon award.

Entries are open until 3pm on 2nd June, for these and eighteen other categories, for businesses with 250 employees or less. Award nominations are a fantastic way of getting noticed and there is also a ceremony at Wembley Stadium in December for nominees – and yes, we WILL be allowed out by then (definitely in new shoes but possibly not with a real tan)!

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