Employment law is changing fast and you need to stay up to speed

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Staying legally compliant NEEDS to be your top priority, because if you don’t, it can cost you thousands. 

£21,000 to be exact. According to the Ministry of Justice’s latest report, that’s how much the average settlement pay-out was. Terrifying! 

In April 2022, loads of employment laws have changed. Most notably, national minimum wage. And thanks to COVID, it’s likely that a lot of your policies are no longer fit for purpose. 

Keeping your contracts, handbooks and policies up to date, provides your business with the protection it needs to potentially avoid any costly employee claims. 

That’s why I created this employment law checklist. Making it easy for you to understand what your business needs to do to stay legally compliant. Get your free copy today by completing the form below. 

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Emma is a HR expert, helping businesses with all of their people needs. 

She understands your industry and the challenges you face. She also understands that it can be tricky to know the best ways to keep a team engaged and happy, as well as everything else that comes with managing a busy business. 

She has written this checklist to help your business stay legally compliant and protected against costly employee claims.


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